Good Neighbor Ministries began in the fall of 1996. It began through a caring and compassionate group of people from Faith Bible Church near downtown Omaha.

This small church asked the question, “What could we do to more significantly reach our urban neighborhood for Christ?”, and Good Neighbor Ministries was born. Good Neighbor Ministries was incorporated as a nonprofit 501(c) (3) in the fall of 1996.

The focus of the ministry from the very beginning was to meet practical needs of the people and share the Gospel. This focus still remains strong today. Over the years we have reached out to thousands of people, through thousands of different volunteers.

While our primary geographical focus has been with our own neighborhood, especially the Columbus Park Neighborhood, we have cared for people all across our city as well.

And now it’s our desire to continue the great work we have always been doing, but also to further multiply ourselves into others who will be good neighbors to their neighbors right where they live.

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